TECHFLEETERS offer Certification program in Digital Image Processing using MATLAB. This program presents benefits of using MATLAB & SIMULINK for Digital Image Processing with practical methodology and techniques for designing, implementing, integrating and testing modern Systems with High Percent of Accuracy, Speed and Precision. Our aim is to impart those technical skills to students right from level zero to advanced level such that, by the end of the program the student is developed as the finished product, ready to join industry.

 Module Name
 Techfleeters’ Digital Image Processing
 Certification By Techfleeters Infotech Private Limited
 Duration 45/60 Hours (Maximum 3 Hours Per Session)
 Practical 34+ Practical to be covered
 Projects 16+ Projects to be covered


  • Basics of MATLAB Scripting
  • Image Processing Toolbox
  • Live Video Processing
  • Computer & Machine Vision
  • GUI Development
  • Simulink



Introduction with MATLAB

  • Historical Background, Features
  • Applications & Future Aspects
  • Various MATLAB Toolboxes
  • Why TECHFLEETERS for this Training?

Getting Started with MATLAB

  • Installing & Starting MATLAB
  • Understanding the Basic Desktop Layout
  • MATLAB File Types & their use
  • Fundamental Commands to use MATLAB
  • Working with Variables
  • Default Variables (ans, pi, i, j, NaN)
  • Use of Semicolon (;), Use of ‘Enter Key’

MATLAB Data & Data-flow

  • Data Types in MATLAB;
  • Description with Example
  • Working with Arrays & Matrices
  • Matrix Operations & use of various operators
  • Vectorization
  • Element-Wise Operations
  • Understanding of Element Accessing Techniques

MATLAB Programming

  • Working with MATLAB Script Files
  • Various Control Statements in MATLAB
  • Error Correction, M-Lint Automatic Code Analyzer
  • Creating User Defined Functions in Editor

MATLAB Graphics

  • Vectorization of Information
  • Two-Dimensional Plotting of data
  • Various other 2D graphs in MATLAB
  • Creating 3D plots in MATLAB
  • Tools & options on Graphics

Image Processing Toolbox: Introduction

  • Concept of Pixel, Image, Resolution
  • How Images get defined digitally?
  • Need & Significance of Image Processing
  • Industrial Facets of Image Processing
  • Image Processing Toolbox and its features
  • Image Domains in MATLAB
  • Types & Formats of Images
  • Creating Digital Images in MATLAB
  • Basic I/O Operations on Images in MATLAB

IPT: Image Enhancement & Segmentation

  • Type Conversion; Geometric Transformations
  • Interpolation, Extrapolations of Pixels
  • Adjustment of Brightness & Contrast
  • Working with Color Levels of Image
  • Image Arithmetic; Color Based Segmentation

IPT: Image Analysis

  • Pixel based Analysis
  • Extraction of Information from Pixels
  • Manipulating the Pixel Values
  • Development of Algorithm for Pixel Region Based Image Processing
  • Finding out the properties of pixel regions
  • Processing pixel regions

IPT: Advance Image Processing

  • Image Morphology
  • Image Filtration
  • Edge Detection
  • Noising & De-noising Concepts
  • Image Compression & Decompression Techs
  • Region of Interest (ROI)

Image Acquisition Toolbox: Working

  • Concept of Videos, Frames, FPS, Triggering
  • Image Acquisition Toolbox in MATLAB & its features
  • Image Acquisition Tool: Setting up Camera
  • Capturing Video and Extraction of Frames
  • Real Time Processing of Video Frames


Computer Vision Toolbox: Working

  • Introduction with CVT in MATLAB
  • Geometric Transformations, Image Enhancements, Image Filtration
  • Region Property Analysis
  • Video Processing Tools

CVT: Advanced Processing

  • Development of Object Detection Algorithms
  • Feature Analysis Approach for Image Processing

GUI Development: Introduction

  • What is Graphical Use Interface?
  • Need of GUI
  • GUIDE Tool in MATLAB: Tool Pane & Options
  • Creating Designs Interactively
  • Generating Callback Functions

GUIDE: Advanced Development

  • Introduction with ActiveX Controls
  • Creating Executable MATLAB independent GUIs


  • Introduction & Importance
  • Simulink Library Browser
  • Model Based Designing, Tools
  • Mathematical Modeling and Inter-conversion
  • Simulating Models
  • Importing, Exporting Data
  • Solver Configurations

SIMULINK continued…

  • Masking Block/Model
  • Creating Subsystems
  • Image Processing using SIMULINK




  1. CLI Based Calculator
  2. Real Time Door Security with E-Mail Alerts
  3. Target Object Finder
  4. Iris Analysis & Identification System
  5. Tumor Cells Identifier
  6. Gesture Controlled Interactive Computing System
  7. Real Time Face Detection
  8. Finger Print Recognition System
  9. Signature Verification System
  10. Image Facial Expression Recognition System
  11. Vehicle Number Plate Reading System
  12. Image Facial Expression Recognition System
  13. Ultimate Vision Editor
  14. Multimedia Player
  15. Tic-Tac-Toe
  16. Jeeto Jackpot
  • Today MATLAB is a standard tool for both professional and academic use. In fact, for a million engineers and scientists, MATLAB is the language of technical computing.
  • According to a survey, over 10 million technical professionals in the world’s most innovative technology companies, government research labs, financial institutions, and at more than 10,000 universities rely on MATLAB and Simulink as the fundamental tool for their engineering and scientific work.
  • MATLAB is a fourth generation language or software development environment that offers high-performance numerical computation, data analysis, visualization capabilities and applicationdevelopment tools.
  • After this training, you will be able to enter into the era of Image Evaluation & Processing at industry and research levels.
  • This course introduces the benefits of using MATLAB to perform Image and video processing. More explicitly, this course will demonstrate the advantages of using MATLAB for analyzing image pixel information, performing Morphological operations.
  • Signal Processing and Control System Analysis are the other tools that students are going to learn in this particular module.
  • Students will learn the one of the most important tool of MATLAB, i.e. SIMULINK. In this they will learn how to develop system models and simulating them.
  • Students will also learn the process to develop their own executable application software using MATLAB& interacting with external world through communication ports.
  • Students may also look for further certification program after this training by MathWorks itself to become MathWorks Certified MATLAB Associate. (MCMA).
  • In-depth knowledge sharing by Exceptionally Qualified and Professional Trainers actively involved in Research & Development
  • Trainer to Students ratio is 1:15 to make it easy for every student to get proper attention by Trainer
  • A Practical Training Kit will be provided to each student
  • A 100% practical approach with Learning by Doing Attitude to make it simpler and interesting
  • 15 Minutes for Queries is dedicated for each day
  • Each Student would get a Certification from TECHFLEETERS INFOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED, on the basis of project
  • Certificate of Merit for the Best Performer during the Training Program
  • Study Material, Software (freeware) will be given to students
  • Life Time Membership with Techfleeters Students Group
  • A place where the Technology meets Demand at its best, with one of the finest team members, having expertise in their field
  • The only place where one can get latest technology learning and sharing programs to implement them in Real World, not just on a simulator
  • Team Members with a vast practical experience of having big outreach Workshop/Training across all over the country with over 5000 students trained, 50+ colleges covered, and 100+ workshops delivered in a very short span of time
  • Techfleeters has Research Engineers having excellent research aptitude, teaching pedagogy who illustrates their finding through practical demos during workshop/training.
  • Organizes National Level Championships/Competitions for Robotics.
  • Team Techfleeters also working on Various Government/Commercial Projects
  • Provides Summer Training, Winter Training, Regular Training, Weekend Training, Corporate Training, Project Based Training, Vocational Training and many more.
  • Offers Project Based Training, Projects on Demand, Corporate projects, Commercial projects, and consultancy in Engineering Projects
  • Joint Venture and association of Techfleeters with Elements Laboratory
  • Dedicated 24×7 R&D Laboratories and Digital Library for Students
  • Students of BE/BTech/ME/MTech and Hobbyists can join this program
  • Basic knowledge of Programming/Scripting, and Eagerness to learn new Technologies would be an aided advantage


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